Being an oldest Seattle towing company we provides all the towing services requires in an emergency

Car Towing Service

Encountered a car Breakdown on the Highway! searching a Towing company of Seattle to recover it? Reaching Fly Towing can be the easiest option you may try! Call Us Now

Winching & Recovery

Vehicle faced a natural calamity? You need not worry till you are with Seattle’s best towing company we guarantee to reach for you in any weather condition.

Tire Change Service

Faced a trouble due to tire burst or a leakage? Don’t get panicked even for a moment we will replace and repair your tire. Call us now.

Flatbed Towing Service

Our Flatbed towing services guarantee complete safety of your premium quality/ vintage car while towing. Call us to get free quote.

Benefits of Taking towing service from Fly Towing Seattle

We don’t just have the best towing vehicle for Seattle city; we also have the best Towing drivers who complement each other. Our towing services guarantee complete solution to all towing issues that you may have faced with your vehicle. Our towing emergency service stays active 24/7 basis! Just make sure that we can listen you!

Seattle Towing Company

Be it a road mishap or a technical defect, it leaves you in a state of shock. At Fly Towing, we accept all the possible reasons that create the havoc, and that understanding motivates us to bring you the best towing services for Seattle WA. We feel the pride of all our achievements that we have obtained by dint of our relentless hard work. Our tow trucks are available round-the-clock for all 365-days in a year. We never leave you alone or isolated as we accept all the risk factors that may envelop you. We guarantee the best towing services in Seattle that can put you back on the road once again.

Fly Towing never takes any credit for the wonderful and time-tested assistance for towing services in Seattle. Instead that we thank our expert team members who had proved their worth, that they have achieved in more than two decades of services as a towing driver in Seattle. They share the passion of serving people in trouble and that is what motivates them to bring the best services that not only mend their vehicle but they also try to boost their morale to overcome the trauma that they had been all the time after the mishap.

Locations where you will find or towing service in Seattle:

Almost every day we receive call from our customers informing us that their car brake down near the shopping mall or they left their key inside their car and locked out the door near the shopping malls of Seattle. Because we give importance to every customers and because of our commitment to help every one who where in need. We had instructed our towing drivers, to station our tow trucks near the shopping malls of Seattle city, so that if some one need help, we can reach to them for rescue in time.

So if you need a towing service near Northgate Mall, Westwood Village or Pacific Place Seattle phone us. Our tow trucks in the day time, always stations near these shopping malls, so once you call us for rescue you get the towing help within ten minutes.

Along with the major shopping malls, we park our tow trucks near Denny Triangle, Belltown, Cascade and Central Business District Seattle. Hence if you need any towing service in Denny Triangle, Belltown, Cascade or Central Business District Seattle area just call us on: 206-900-0007 and ask for free quotation.

As a token of appreciation we are giving 10% discounts to everyone who where looking for a tow truck near Pioneer Square, First Hill, South lake Union, Public Market or Pike Place Market or Farmers Market Seattle. The only cache is that their towing bills have to exceed $100.

Punctuality and ability to reach the spot of accident within the promised time are two things that have made Fly Towing the most reputed and time tested towing company of Seattle. So what stops you from reaching us?

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